Billionaire Tom Steyer uses violent language in call to ‘crush’ GOP politicians

One of the names from the private sector, Tom Steyer, that may toss his hat into the presidential election had some curious words to say about conservatives and Republicans in office.

While giving a speech on climate change in front of a bunch of his elitist Ivy League friends, Steyer announced, “The time for politeness is over.”

As for anyone who might get in the way of the liberal efforts on climate change, he went on to use phrases like “kick their ass” and “crush these people,” which have many concerned that his tone and verbiage could create more animosity and attacks against conservatives.

Another Presidential Hopeful

Steyer is a man with deep pockets and a liberal ideology.

That being the case, he thinks everything he believes is right. Anyone not on the same page is wrong.

This particular speech was given at 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) in Poland.

No Compromise

The one steady message throughout Steyer’s speech was that compromise on climate change is not an option.

He believes conservatives are incapable of compromise.

Rather than try to find some common ground that everyone can agree on, he would rather go to war, so to speak.

This violent theme seems to be becoming more common in the Democrat party these days.

High-profile liberals get everyone riled up, then step to the side to watch the fallout of their words.

Then, when something violent does happen, they pretend they never said anything or say someone was taking their words out of context.

While it is unclear at this point if Steyer is actually going to take a run at the White House, his recent actions seem to point in that direction.

He is making more and more appearances and speeches, apparently trying to perfect his rhetoric before he gets on the big stage.

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His candidacy, however, if it happens, would present Democrats with quite a conundrum.

How do you get behind a private sector businessman as your candidate when you were so critical of Donald Trump, who fit the same profile?

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