Singer Stewart Lupton dead at 43

One of the most influential voices in the New York indie band scene has passed away.

Stewart Lupton (Jonathan Fire*Eater) passed away on Sunday at the age of 43.

Indie Scene

For diehard music fans, the local indie scene is something special.

Virtually every big city has its core musicians that may not be known throughout the world, or even the country, for that matter.

However, these musicians are treated like royalty when they perform by their fans.

These bands also often serve to the inspiration for groups that make it to the worldwide stage and arena concerts.

Jonathan Fire*Eater was recognized as one such band.

The Band

Jonathan Fire*Eater first started performing in the early 90s but were originally playing in DC under the name of the Ignobles.

Looking for something more, the band made the move to New York.

With the move, they also decided to change the name of the band to Jonathan Fire*Eater.

It was after the move that Lupton took over as the front man for the group.

The band put out its first self-titled album in 1995.

In 1996, the group released a mini-album, which started to bring much attention to the group, threatening to break them out of the local scene.

Then, in 1997, the band signed with a major label and would release what would end up being their last album, Wolf Songs for Lambs.

As often happens with bands, the growing fame and hype started to rip the band apart and they soon disbanded.

Lupton would then move back to DC and attend George Washington University to study poetry.

Lupton was not heard from again musically until he formed The Childballads, who released an album in 2007.

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He would form yet another band in 2009 with Carole Wagner Greenwood, called The Beatin’s.

To this day, though, many in the local music scene consider him an inspiration, and tributes are pouring in via social media to support family and friends after his passing.

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