Steve Kirsch: No doubt about it, COVID shots CAUSE dementia

 January 30, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

COVID-shot skeptic Steve Kirsch has released a Substack report that charges there’s no doubt that the COVID shots “CAUSE dementia.”

The shots, by Pfizer and others, were developed at a breathtaking pace with government funding when the deadly COVID virus came out of a Chinese research lab that was working to make viruses worse.

They were inflicted on the American public without ordinary trials or tests, often by corporate or government mandate, and the side effects, including tens of thousands of deaths, have been mounting since.

He explained that he reviewed data on the government’s National Vaccine Information Center and confirmed hundreds of cases of the virus “where [a] symptom is dementia.”

He explained, “There is [no way] that you can have a 1,000X increase in event reports if the COVID vaccine isn’t causing this. The CDC simply ‘forgot’ to warn people about it.”

Actually, the COVID shots can be described as DNA treatment more accurately than a vaccine.

”The results are self-explanatory: the COVID vaccines cause dementia,” he charged. “Anyone who tells you ‘correlation isn’t causation’ should explain the actual cause of this if it wasn’t the COVID vaccine.”

Kirsch long has been known as a COVID shot skeptic. Online, he’s blasted as a “promoter of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines,” but the critics don’t document his “misinformation.”

What they show is he raised questions about the government’s talking points about COVID and those shots, which have been known to produce side effects like sudden collapse and death, heart problems, and more.

Kirsch’s influence comes from his founding of multiple companies and his development of the optical mouse.

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