Conservative radio host Steve Deace back home following 'very scary' hospitalization for bacterial infection

April 12, 2023
Ben Marquis

TheBlazeTV's conservative talk radio host Steve Deace suffered a major health scare over the weekend with what was initially an undetermined infection that resulted in his being hospitalized, the Conservative Brief reported.

He was back home recovering on Tuesday, however, and in good spirits after receiving extensive treatment to address a severe bacterial infection in his upper body.

Hospitalized with an infection

The Western Journal reported that Deace was hospitalized Monday night after his condition worsened following several days of dealing with an unspecified "infection," according to posts made to Deace's Twitter account by his wife, Amy.

"This is Amy. We’re in the emergency room and Steve is not doing well. He tried to do the show today with this infection, but it’s getting worse. We’d appreciate your prayers," she tweeted Monday evening.

The Journal noted that Amy continued to post updates on the situation every few hours or so and well into the early-morning hours of Tuesday. One such update appeared to admonish the hateful trolls who had invaded the comments section of the initial post to gleefully celebrate Deace's misfortune, while another simply asked for prayer support for much-needed "strength" as they were "struggling."

Sent back home after "very scary" health incident

Finally, around 4 am, Amy took to her husband's Facebook page and wrote, "Amy again. We are home. He is highly medicated and sleeping comfortably after a long, rough night. I appreciate all the prayers we received tonight. They were felt and held me together."

"I will let him tell you what he wants to tell you tomorrow when he wakes up, but just so you know what I experienced. I brought my husband of 26 years to the emergency room in more pain than I’ve ever seen him. He was babbling and not making any sense. He was completely out of it," she continued.

"I have never seen him like that and it was very very scary to see someone that’s usually in complete control not able to function. Friends came and prayed over him which I will be forever grateful for and then there was all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart," Amy added.

Deace provides an update on his hospitalization and recovery

As alluded to by his wife in her final post, Deace himself returned to his Twitter account later Tuesday morning and provided a lengthy update on his health and explained what had been the cause of his "scary" hospitalization.

"Steve here. I'm back, sorta, after a very rough night. Thanks to my awesome wife @AmyDeace for handling all this the last 18 hours or so. She got me through this, despite still recovering from a torn meniscus on her end," he said.

"Here's what happened," he continued. "On Thursday I started developing an upper body infection out of nowhere. In typical guy fashion, I figured I'd just power through it, even though it got progressively worse throughout the weekend. Monday morning I woke up in searing pain. I went to the urgent care clinic, and they gave me a strong antibiotic and pain relief and I went and did the show from there."

"A literal hole in my upper body"

"That evening my body completely shut down, and I was having terrible shakes and chills on top of the pain. I started getting disoriented. Amy rushed me to the ER," Deace wrote. "We were there about 8 hours and I don't remember a lot of it. I vaguely remember some guys from our small group, and another buddy of mine, came and prayed with me. But I was out of it a lot, and according to Amy babbling incoherently at times. She says this is the worst she's ever seen me in 27 years."

"The ER doctors/nurses at Mercy Westlakes did a tremendous job, despite being overwhelmed with patients, and were able to physically remove a massive bacterial infection from my body in the least painful way possible," he revealed. "I woke up just a little a bit ago feeling the best I have in several days, except for there's a literal hole in my upper body still healing from where the infection was."

Deace went on to praise his wife and thank everybody for their prayers of support and cracked jokes about his recovery. He also noted that this was only the second time he'd ever been forced to miss work, ironically both times because of "strange and extremely painful bacteria infections/inflammations, whose origins the doctors weren't sure of" that coincided with major milestones reached in the "Nefarious" movie that he helped produce and is now in theaters.

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