Steny Hoyer hospitalized with pneumonia

The Democrat machine took a major hit on the power front this week.

Steny Hoyer, the House Majority Whip, was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday with pneumococcal pneumonia.

Headed to the Hospital

Rep. Hoyer will be spending a few days at George Washington hospital on taxpayer money, however, he is expected to be released soon.

Katie Grant, Hoyer’s spokesperson, stated: “He is being treated with antibiotics and resting, and is expected to make a full recover quickly.”

But his condition brings to light the painful fact that our representatives in office are getting very old.

Most of the congressmen and women in office have been in politics for decades.

And, sadly, many of them are beginning to experience medical issues preventing them from representing those that elected them.

Both Hoyer and McCain are perfect examples of this.

Aging Politicians

Currently, the average age of a representative is 57.

The average age of a senators is 61.

These numbers don’t seem all that bad — until you factor in the age of new senators and members of Congress.

The average age of newly elected members of congress is 52.3 years.

The average age for new senators is 50.7 years.

Simple math, then, puts the average age of existing elected members of congress and senators at least in the mid-60s.

Point being: they are out of touch with the current political climate.

We have come to know these members of our political system as the establishment.

Virtually every penny they have ever made in their careers has been via taxpayer money.

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They are exactly the type of politicians we vowed to purge from Washington.

Between recent medical issues and age statistics, it makes it very clear we need more change in Washington — and it all starts with the 2018 midterm elections.

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