CNN’s Brian Stelter praises Hunter Biden’s ‘extraordinary’ and ‘breathtaking’ new memoir

In a recently released memoir titled Beautiful Things, Hunter Biden, the scandal-plagued son of President Joe Biden, documents the many struggles he has faced in his life, particularly related to his recurring addictions to alcohol and drugs.

While many people in the biased corporate media gave the book positive reviews, arguably none were as disgustingly obsequious as CNN’s Brian Stelter, who went over the top in his effusive praise for Hunter’s ode to himself, Lifezette reported.

Stelter gushes over Hunter Biden’s book

“I’ll tell you what, I’ve read a lot of memoirs — I’ve never read a memoir like this one before,” Stelter began as he promoted Biden’s book on his Reliable Sources program. “It is extraordinary.”

He continued, “You know, you’ve heard about Hunter Biden over the years, you’ve heard all the tabloid coverage, you think you know his story. We know that right-wing media is obsessed with him, Fox News always targeting him.”

Stelter acknowledged that “there are real questions to ask,” before proceeding to dismiss just one example — Hunter’s infamous abandoned laptop — and then declared that “this book about addiction, about how many times Hunter Biden could have died — the president’s son — it’s breathtaking.”

The supposed media critic was then joined by CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett, who was only slightly less effusive in her flattery of Hunter’s book and how it will “resonate” with Americans of all sorts who have battled addictions.

An actual critical review from the media

Stelter proceeded to shamelessly plug Hunter’s book in a short thread of tweets posted Tuesday — a thread that unsurprisingly managed to also praise President Joe Biden, defend the biased corporate media, and attack right-leaning media competitors like Fox News.

Not every media outlet has been quite so gushing in covering Hunter’s memoir. ABC News, for example, pointed out several of the scandals surrounding the president’s son that were either glossed over or ignored altogether in the book.

Biden either skipped over or gave passing acknowledgment to the federal probe into his tax affairs, his business dealings in China, the abandoned laptop, his dismissal from the military over a failed drug test, his former business partner who has spoken out against him, or the child he fathered with a woman in Arkansas that he disputed until a court-ordered paternity test confirmed the DNA connections.

Hunter focused instead on his addictions and the trouble it caused with his family and other relationships, how his father saved him from complete self-destruction on several occasions, and various and sundry attacks against former President Donald Trump.

Hunter Biden can write about whatever he wants, and Stelter can choose whether to gush over it or not, but if the supposed “critic” wants to be taken seriously within the realm of “journalism” or live up to the laughable name of his ridiculous program, it would help if he were occasionally sharp-eyed about more than just Fox News and right-wing media outlets.

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