CNN’s Brian Stelter outraged that Fox News anchors stay at ‘propaganda network’

While there has long been a concerted effort on the left to besmirch, malign and ultimately silence Fox News, that campaign has been put into overdrive in recent years, and certainly within the past few weeks, via coordinated attacks on hosts like Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro.

This was evidenced on Monday when CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter — whose job seemingly consists solely of attacking Fox News daily while defending the rest of the liberal media from any and all criticism — expressed indignant outrage that Fox News anchors weren’t quitting the network in protest en masse over being employed by a “propaganda network.”

Stelter’s search for answers

Stelter’s remarks were centered on the controversy surrounding remarks made last Saturday by Fox weekend host Jeanine Pirro, who was sharply critical of Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and her anti-Semitism with comments that some, including Fox News executives, deemed worthy of condemnation.

The conversation on CNN’s New Day program began with host Alisyn Camerota — who worked for many years at Fox — castigating her former employer as being purposely Islamophobic and fear-mongering for ratings, a characterization with which Stelter wholly agreed. Camerota ultimately expressed shock that the network had actually condemned Pirro for her remarks against Omar.

Stelter suggested there were two possible reasons Fox had condemned Pirro.

“Number one, it could be advertiser pressure — advertisers wanting to pull out,” he said. “Number two, it could be staff pressure. Internally, staffers, including one who works on Bret Baier’s show who is Muslim, spoke out against Pirro and said why are you spreading this false narrative that Muslims hate America.”

Analyzing their motives

The Fox-bashing conversation continued with Camerota and her other guests all slamming the network for its alleged fear-mongering and Islamophobia, until Stelter jumped in again toward the end of the segment.

“The — that idea here that Fox is surprised by this — I agree with you, Alisyn, that this is something that’s been going on for a very long time at Fox, but right now, Fox is trying to do two things,” Stelter attempted to explain.

“It’s trying to counter this narrative presented in The New Yorker last night that it’s a propaganda network for the President and, it’s trying to promote its news brand. It’s out there to advertisers promoting its news programs,” he continued.

“So where are the news anchors on Fox saying I don’t want to work in this kind of place?” he asked. “This is unacceptable. Jeanine Pirro should not be allowed to be on this network reading this script that she’s written that’s been put in the teleprompter. Where are those news anchors today?”

Watch below:

Ratings tell the tale

CNN’s Brian Stelter wants to know why Fox News anchors aren’t summarily quitting the network that he is singularly focused on portraying as a propaganda machine that must be silenced and destroyed.

However, Stelter’s take on the network seems to be based on little more than his conviction that its anchors and hosts fail to berate the president specifically and conservatives generally with an appropriate level of intensity.

Meanwhile, Fox News remains the most-watched network on cable television, in large part due to the fair and balanced coverage it provides, as CNN has seen its ratings plummet to absurdly low depths, owing to its incessant hostility and blindly partisan hatred toward the president and anything even remotely to the right of the progressive liberal line.

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