Report: Steele Dossier might have been created with help of US intel agencies

A new report, if true, is about to rock American intelligence agencies.

There is a very strong possibility the Steele Dossier was fed information from several American intelligence agency databases.

The Theory

After the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s hotel room and office, everyone in this country wants to know what led them down that path.

Several new reports believe the cause of the raid was an alleged trip Cohen made to Prague in 2016.

NSA documentation shows a violation of FISA.

Searches were allegedly conducted on the FBI and NSA databases.

These searches were done in both 2015 and 2016 by employees of the Department of Justice – National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) and the FBI as well as outside agencies.

These “outside agencies” are believed to have been Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike.

The only reason those two agencies would have reason to be do these searches would be for opposition research.

Once the dossier was contracted, the information found in these databases was forward to Christopher Steele by Fusion GPS.

The information was then “washed” and “repackaged” by Steele and presented to the Clinton campaign and DNC as the Russian Dossier.


A compliance officer for the NSA noticed the sudden “uptick” in queries being conducted to search these databases.

The alert was forwarded up the chain of command to NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers.

Rogers then ordered an audit of the inquiries to find out who was abusing database access as well as revoking access to these databases by private contractors.

Access was cut off on April 18, 2016. On April 19, 2016, Mary Jacoby (wife of Fusion GPS Founder) had an appointment at the White House, presumably to let them know she lost access to the information.

Soon thereafter, DOJ-NSD’s Deputy Bruce Ohr’s wife was hired by Fusion GPS, once again giving access to Fusion to gather more information.

In addition to these little breadcrumbs, the data itself supports this theory.

By June 2016, Trump had basically locked up the nomination.

By July 2016, the “about queries” were completely focused on Donald Trump’s team (including Michael Cohen).

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When you put it all together, Comey’s FBI and Lynch’s DOJ were completely complicit in helping Christopher Steele put together the Russia dossier on Trump.

And they may have gotten away with it were not it not for the raid on Cohen.

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