Statue of Liberty protester found guilty on 4 counts

Liberal protestors are finally starting to learn they cannot do anything they want without repercussions.

To that point, a woman who had climbed the Statue of Liberty in protest is now facing 18 months in jail.

The ‘Dangerous Stunt’

The woman in question, Therese Okoumou, is a native of the Republic of Congo.

She was taking part in a protest from a group called RISE.

They were there to protest ICE and join in the narrative that ICE needs to be abolished.

During the protest, she decided to climb Lady Liberty to help make her point.

Organizers representing the group stated they had no idea Okoumou had planned on doing this.

Local authorities called it a “dangerous stunt” that put first responders’ lives at risk.

In all, there were more than a dozen first responders tasked with getting Okoumou down from the statue.

Attorney General Geoffrey Berman stated, “The act of climbing the base of the Statue of Liberty went well beyond peaceable protest.”

He added, “It was a crime that put people at grave risk.”

The Liberal Narrative

Since she is an immigrant, it would be no surprise to hear liberals take her side in this argument.

We are already hearing cries of the government trying to stop protests such as this.

Sadly, they are promoting a bogus narrative… again.

Nobody is telling people that have to stop protesting, they are just being told they need to not break the law when they do so.

Remember how the media defended the protests during the Trump inauguration?

Neighborhoods were literally being burned and destroyed, yet for some reason, the liberal media not only excused it but actually justified it.

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This will get much worse before it gets better unless people like Okoumou are made an example of.

Hopefully, she will do every day of the 18 months she faces for her crimes.

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