Border Patrol statistics show more than 20,000 criminal migrants have been caught at the border since Biden took office

President Joe Biden’s lax enforcement of border security and immigration laws has quite predictably served as a beacon to millions of migrants around the globe and has encouraged them to illegally enter the United States via the southwest border.

Concurrent with the flood of illegal migrants across the border is a surge in apprehensions of those with prior criminal convictions, and that number has soared by approximately 350 percent since Biden took office, Breitbart reported.

Of course, that figure only accounts for those criminal aliens who were apprehended and processed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and obviously doesn’t include those who snuck across the border without being spotted or those who were seen entering the country but nonetheless evaded capture.

Nearly 11,000 migrants with prior criminal convictions caught by CBP in FY22

The CBP just released its statistics for the end of Fiscal Year 2022 with regard to “criminal noncitizen” apprehensions on or near the southwest border, and that total was 10,778, just slightly higher than the 10,763 criminal noncitizens apprehended in FY21.

For comparison, those figures stood at 4,269 and 2,438 for FY19 and FY20, respectively, under former President Donald Trump, which were down substantially from the 12,842 criminal noncitizen apprehensions in FY16, the last full fiscal year under former President Barack Obama’s similarly lax policies on border security and illegal immigration.

As for exactly what sort of criminal noncitizens CBP has apprehended, the agency provided a rather illuminating breakdown of the numbers by various categories of crimes for which they had been convicted.

Total apprehensions by types of crimes

Of the 10,778 criminal aliens apprehended in FY22, 60 had been convicted of homicide or manslaughter, the same number that had been caught in FY21. In comparison, a total of 11 migrants with prior homicide or manslaughter convictions were caught at the border during the entirety of Trump’s tenure in office.

A total of 323 migrants convicted of sexual offenses were apprehended in FY22, down from 488 in FY21, and for the crimes of assault, battery, and domestic violence, there were 1,020 apprehensions in FY22, down from 1,178 in FY21. As for burglary, robbery, larceny, theft, and fraud, FY22 saw a total of 791 apprehensions compared to FY21’s 825.

Then there are drug crimes like possession and trafficking, which totaled 2,005 in FY22 and 2,138 in FY21, as well as illegal weapons possession and trafficking, which amounted to 282 and 336 in FY22 and 21, respectively.

As with homicides and manslaughter, the total apprehensions for all of the above-listed criminal convictions and more largely dwarfed the numbers tallied during Trump’s tenure in office, particularly in FY19 and 20, when his strict enforcement policies had finally taken effect and had reduced the numbers of criminal or otherwise illegal migrants who even attempted to cross the border, much less be apprehended.

Estimated at least 2.8 million illegal migrants entered in FY22

Bear in mind that, according to a separate report from Breitbart, CBP has estimated that around a record 2.2 million migrants were apprehended at or near the border in FY22, a record number that is significantly higher than the estimated 1.7 million who were caught in FY21.

In addition, it was estimated that there were at least 604,000 so-called “got-aways” who were spotted but not apprehended after illegally crossing the border, a number that had increased from around 500,000 in FY21.

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