State officials want residents to give illegals a room in their homes

July 23, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

America's southern border has been, essentially, wide open since Joe Biden took office and killed off multiple security plans and procedures implemented by President Trump.

Since then, millions of illegal aliens have moved into the U.S., flooding border cities and states to the point they've been busing them to liberal strongholds like New York City.

Now even those locations have had enough, and a report at Townhall explains state officials in Massachusetts now want residents to open their homes to the illegals.

"Democrat Gov. Maura Healey’s administration is asking those in the commonwealth 'to provide a room or apartment for a few days' to host 'newly arrived families in need of shelter,'" the report said.

Such procedures have been used in the past for families, or unaccompanied minors, who arrive through various federal programs. They haven't been used for generally providing housing for illegal aliens before.

"The addition of this layer — of adding in host homes — really seems to be because of the urgency and current unmet needs," explained Kelly Turley, of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.

Turley did warn that the move, even if adopted by homeowners, was not a long-term resolution.

The report said advocates of the program say families will not be paid but might get benefits like gift cards and groceries to help the immigrants.

Already, progressives in various cities and states have used thousands of motel and hotel rooms for those border crossers.

Fox News reports that New York officials have started putting up posters telling aliens to think about "another city" because its resources are filled, and housing there is costly.

Mayor Eric Adams said bluntly, "We have no more room in the city."

He claimed 90,000 migrants have arrived since last year, and, "There is no guarantee we will be able to provide shelter and services to new arrivals."

The Washington Examiner said the U.S. House has been forced to intervene in Biden's border catastrophe, ordering that officials may not use public schools for illegal aliens.

Legislation there would block educational institutions that receive federal funding from housing illegal immigrants as many communities struggle to cope with a recent migrant surge," the report said.

"There are two people who are truly responsible for the influx of millions of migrants into our country and city: President Biden, who opened our borders on day one of his administration with no order, process, or plan, and Mayor Adams, who misinterpreted New York City's ‘Right to Shelter’ law and has continued to incentivize migrants with free housing and benefits," Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., said in a statement.

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