State lacking only 1 thing for wolf reintroduction scheme … wolves!

September 16, 2023
World Net Daily

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The state of Colorado has gone through an extensive, legislatively mandated program to set up for the reintroduction of wolves to its mountains and plains.

There was a statewide vote several years ago. The experts offered advice and bureaucrats were consulted. Negotiations got underway. Plans were made. Procedures adopted.

Now, apparently, it lacks only one thing: Wolves.

According to a report from CPR, the state has a deadline at the end of the year to reintroduce wolves, as voters specified in a 2020 ballot issue.

But Idaho won't help the state get any wolves. Or Montana, or Wyoming. Or other locations.

The report cited Travis Duncan, of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, explaining the agency now is discussing its demands with Oregon and Washington, and the Nez Perce Tribe in Idaho.

The tribe has confirmed its officials are thinking about the plan.

But it's uncertain what, if anything, will be finalized in the next few months, before Colorado's end-of-year deadline.

Washington state officials say logistics of trapping the animals would prevent delivery by the end of the year, leaving Colorado with the "last-hope" Oregon or Nez Perce options, the report said.

A large part of the resistance is the fact that wolf populations have rebounded so much in other areas.

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