State Department says White House gift logs from 2020 are missing

Democrats and their liberal media allies will swarm this week as a new report over the weekend revealed that Trump-era White House gift logs have apparently gone missing.

According to the Washington Examiner, the U.S. State Department will soon publish an annual report that historically contains the White House gift logs, but in this year’s report, logs from Donald Trump’s last year in office, 2020, will be noted as not available.

“The Trump White House did not turn over information about the gifts former President Donald Trump, his family, former Vice President Mike Pence, and other White House staffers received in 2020,” the Examiner noted.

Logs are traditionally maintained to provide transparency to the American public in order to expose any conflicts of interest or ethical concerns, as White House officials often receive gifts, in various forms, from a number of different people and entities.

State Department statement

The State Department previewed the report, set to be published on Monday, and emphasized that 2020’s records will not be included.

“Potentially relevant records are not available to the State Department’s Office of the Chief of Protocol under applicable access rules for retired records of the Executive Office of the President and the Office of the Vice President,” the State Department said.

It added: “As a result, the data required to fully compile a complete listing for 2020 is unavailable.”

At this point, it’s reportedly unclear if the records are missing because they weren’t kept, or if they were intentionally hidden.

The upcoming report notes that the records might not be available due to “internal oversight,” but go on to suggest that it could ultimately be a result of a failure to keep proper records, which was reportedly an issue in the Trump White House since the start of his term.

More records controversy

The latest controversy regarding White House records comes in the wake of a previous controversy involving some 15 boxes of official records that were being kept at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort until January, when the National Archives and Records Administration took possession.

Reportedly, some of the boxes contained files that were marked with various “classified” designations.

Trump’s advisers, however, insisted that there is nothing nefarious about the records kept in Florida, adding that most of the boxes contained various moments that the former president wished to keep, as prior presidents have also done.

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