State attorney general probes Dem coordination of Trump legal fights

 May 10, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

From the outset, a series of Democrat-orchestrated civil and criminal cases against President Donald Trump looked coordinated.

They all were coming years after any alleged offenses. They were coming just as the 2024 presidential race, in which he's the probable GOP candidate, was getting under way.

Those orchestrating the filings seriously were trying to get him on trial, convicted, even jailed just as the vote would be looming.

Now an attorney general in the state of Missouri is investigating how those charges were set up.

The cases include Fani Willis' "organized crime" case in Georgia over Trump's 2020 election opinions and comments, Alvin Bragg's claim in New York that Trump's bookkeeping postings, misdemeanors, actually were felonies, Letitia James' claims in New York that Trump's companies committed "fraud" even though no one lost any money and the "victims" wanted to do more business with him, and special counsel Jack Smith's claims Trump illegally had government documents – a case beleaguered now with the prosecution's admission it corrupted the evidence it wants to use.

A report at the Post-Millennial documents that Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey now is investigating that very coordination.

He's filed Freedom of Information Act requests for documents "concerning any interactions" among Bragg, James Smith and Willis.

It's already known that Willis consulted with the White House while assembling her allegations against Trump.

Bailey explained on social media, "Thanks to evidence that has come to light, my office has reason to believe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice is the headquarters of the illicit prosecutions against President Trump."

He continued, "This is demonstrated by the move of the third-highest ranking member of the Department of Justice, Matthew Colangelo, to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in order to prosecute President Trump in December 2022."

Bailey noted, "During that campaign, Bragg promised 'if elected, [he] would go after Trump.' Once he won election, he pledged 'to personally focus on the high-profile probe into former President Donald Trump’s business practices.'"

The report explained Bailey confirmed, "Given the timing (Bragg charged Trump only after he declared his candidacy for President), the weakness of the charges, and the charges keeping Trump off the campaign trail, there is substantial reason to suspect @POTUS has coordinated with Bragg and others to prosecute Trump."

The report said Bailey is seeking access to correspondence including documents, calendar entries, meeting notes, schedules and more, including details about Colangelo's move to Bragg's office.

And communications among the various Democrats who have brought cases against Trump.

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