State AG launches new campaign to intimidate pro-life centers

 April 26, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The attorney general in California is being accused of launching a new intimidation campaign against pro-life centers.

It's through subpoenas he's issued demanding specific information about how those centers offer ultrasound exams to women.

The American Center for Law and Justice, which already is representing one of the centers subpoenaed, explained what is developing.

It noted the "coordinated efforts across the country by the abortion industry and its political allies to target pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers."

Now, it said, California AG Rob Bonta has advanced that campaign by issuing individual subpoenas to at least 10 PRCs in the state.

He is demanding details of their compliance with a new pro-abortion law that the state adopted only last year.

"The law is an attempt to limit how ultrasounds can be performed, especially by pro-life centers," the legal team explained, "The pro-abortion bureaucrats who wrote the rule know full well that an ultrasound – actually getting to see the baby on the monitor – is the most effective way anyone can be convinced to allow an unborn child to live."

The new rule imposed by the abortion advocates in the state demands that ultrasounds "only be performed in licensed clinics, outpatient settings, and licensed health facilities by a physician, a surgeon, a medical group practice, a chiropractic practice, a physical therapist practice, or a facility affiliated with those settings."

The penalty starts out at $2,500 and rises to $5,000, plus costs, fees, and additional civil punishment.

The centers routinely follow the specifics of the law, as they want to guard their ability to provide ultrasounds.

"However, it is clear that Attorney General Bonta is on a fishing and intimidation expedition by issuing these subpoenas to the California PRCs," the ACLJ explained.

"We already know what he thinks about pro-life PRCs since he was the lead attorney general on an open letter condemning them and accusing them of 'us[ing] deceptive and unethical methods to lure pregnant [women] who are seeking comprehensive reproductive healthcare—including abortion—into their centers. And when those people visit, [PRCs] often provide inaccurate and deceptive information about reproductive health.'"

The report suggested Bonta now has become a leader in the "dangerous smear campaign" that is targeting pro-life centers across the country.

The ACLJ said it is representing one of the centers and is working with others to deliver to Bonta a "strong and unified response" that makes him "aware that these centers are represented by legal counsel who stand ready to defend the centers the moment he steps beyond the bounds of the law."

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