Starbucks is shutting down 8,000 stores for a day for discrimination training

The progressiveness in this country is starting to become sickening.

After a Starbucks in Philadelphia had a widely protested incident, Starbucks is closing all of its stores for a day to conduct a racial bias education class.

The Incident

Two men approached an employee at Starbucks and asked to use the bathroom.

The store’s apparent policy is the bathroom is available for paying customers only (this has come up before, but more on that later).

When the employee told the men, (who happened to be black) the policy and asked them to leave, they refused.

The employee then called the police, which resulted in the two men being arrested for simple trespassing (these charges would later be dropped and the men released).

After their release, a statement was made by the Philadelphia Police Commissioner stating the police really did not want to make an arrest.

However, their hands were forced when the men, who said they were waiting on another associate for a business meeting, refused to leave.

The Aftermath

After the incident became public, locals flooded the coffee shop in Center City Philadelphia to protest the incident, calling Starbucks’ coffee “anti-black.”

In response to the protest, Starbucks issued a statement saying it was ashamed of the incident and it should have never happened.

Company management also stated the coffee giant would be closing its 8,000+ stores on May 29 to send its 175,000+ employees to racial bias training.

But, there is a question that needs to be answered…

Why did this not happen after a police officer was refused the same request?

How Soon They Forget

Let’s dial back the clock to September 2015.

A police officer walked into a Center City Starbucks (not sure if it was the same location as this incident but seems to be likely) and was refused access to the bathroom.

After making the request, the employee told him… wait for it… bathrooms are for paying customers only.

The police officer left the shop without incident, but one of his fellow officers posted it on social media and it ended up going viral.

Nobody in the city protested Starbucks after that incident.

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Starbucks, while issuing an apology to the officer, did not shut down its operations to have a police bias training day.

So, Starbucks, please tell us what makes one incident any worse than the other?

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