‘Men in Black’ star Rip Torn dies at 88

One of the more versatile and popular stars of our time has sadly passed away.

Rip Torn, best known for his roles on The Larry Sanders Show and Men in Black, died at his Lakeville, CT home on Tuesday. Torn was 88 years old.

Versatile Performer

Many of today’s stars spend their entire careers in one aspect of the industry, be it TV shows, movies, or live shows. Torn is the rare breed that was just as comfortable in one as the other.

Over a career that spanned more than six decades, Torn has appeared in dozens of TV shows, more than six dozen films, and 10 Broadway plays.

Torn made his debut in a 1956 film called Baby Doll. Three years later, he would make his Broadway debut playing Tom. Jr. in Sweet Bird of Youth.

Over the years, Torn seemed to settle into roles playing very sinister characters. Torn’s career, while successful, did not really take off until he co-starred on The Larry Sanders Show from 1992-1998.

During that run, he was nominated for six Emmy awards, winning one in 1996.

Late-Career Boost

Torn’s run on The Larry Sanders Show took his career to the next level.

He would soon land one of the main supporting roles in the Men in Black franchise.

All was not strawberries and whipped cream, though. During that period, Torn also played in Freddie Got Fingered, which was critically panned.

However, the film did get a cult-like following, only adding to Torn’s legacy in this particular niche of films.

Rest in peace, Mr. Torn.

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