NBA star takes on China’s communist regime: ‘Change is coming’

A top star in the NBA is standing up to China’s communist regime.

The Daily Caller reports that the Boston Celtics’ Enes Kanter recently published a series of anti-China tweets, including one in which he warned: “Change is coming.”

“Change is coming and no one can stop it. NO ONE!!!” Kanter wrote. He included hashtags like “#FreeTibet,” “#FreeUyghurs,” “#FreeHongKong,” and “#StandWithTaiwan.”

Kanter also included with the tweet a collection of photos from a recent Celtics game. In the photos, fans can be seen wearing “Free Tibet” t-shirts and holding up signs reading, “Thank you, Kanter.”

Kanter v. the CCP

Many have called out the NBA and its leaders for their association with communist China. Despite raising awareness about the atrocities that the Chinese regime has committed — most notably with regard to the Uyghur Muslim minority — few in the pro basketball league have been willing to speak out against the communist nation.

Kanter is one of the only exceptions. In his series of tweets, he blasted China and the communist party there.

“XI JINPING and the Chinese Communist Party Someone has to teach you a lesson,” Kanter wrote in one post. “I will NEVER apologize for speaking the truth. You can NOT buy me. You can NOT scare me. You can NOT silence me. Bring it on!!”

In another tweet, Kanter wrote: “To those of you who care about human dignity: Please join me in spreading the word. What is happening to the Uyghurs is one of the WORST human rights abuses in the world today. We can NOT stay silent!”

Kanter v. Nike

In other tweets, Kanter went after Nike for making its shoes in China, calling upon the athletic wear brand to “stop the modern-day SLAVERY, now.”

In a video on the issue, the basketball star asks: “Did you know the entire apparel and footwear industry is tainted by Uyghur forced labor? […] Many well-known global brands are implicated, and, yes, that includes one of the NBA’s biggest sponsors, Nike.”

In another video, Kanter directly addressed Nike, according to Breitbart, saying:

Your company says that you are making a positive impact on our community. But when it comes to China, Nike remains silent.

It sure is refreshing to see someone in the NBA taking a stand against the atrocities of the CCP.

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