Trump, others forced to set record straight on staged FBI photo op of documents scattered on Mar-a-Lago floor

The Justice Department on Tuesday submitted a court filing that included an FBI photo that purported to show several redacted documents and cover sheets with classification markings strewn about the floor of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence following the controversial FBI raid last month.

Incredibly, many of Trump’s online critics instantly and absurdly assumed the photo was actual documented evidence of how Trump mishandled classified materials when it was quite obviously a staged photo op by the FBI, Breitbart reported.

That foolishly incorrect assumption then had to be corrected by numerous journalists, former government and law enforcement officials, politicians, and even the former president himself, lest the ridiculous misconception be allowed to persist and spread further.

Oh, you foolish, foolish people

“DOJ wins daily PR battle with photo of classified documents strewn across floor at Mar-a-Lago. Story is Trump alleged mis-handling of classified documents, and just look at them — scattered all over the floor! Can you believe it?” the Washington Examiner’s Byron York wrote in a sarcasm-filled thread of tweets to address and correct the fraudulent perception.

“Is that the way the documents were found? Many on Twitter believe so. Representative tweet: ‘This is how Trump stored Top Secret material he stole,'” he continued with a screenshot of said “representative tweet” of the ludicrously wrong assumption.

York went on to explain how that photo did not match with prior descriptions in legal filings of how the documents had been stored in boxes, and made the obvious point about how the FBI agents themselves had to have taken the documents out of the boxes and spread them on the floor to provide a better visual aid of what had been discovered and recovered from Mar-a-Lago.

Breitbart noted how many other allies of the former president took to social media or cable news to try and educate the incredibly naive Trump critics who seemingly believed that the obviously staged photo was, in fact, an actual representation of how the documents were found at Trump’s Florida residence.

Trump responds to staged FBI raid photo op

Even Trump himself was compelled to address the apparent misunderstanding in regard to the FBI’s photo op with a pair of posts on his own Truth Social platform.

“Terrible the way the FBI, during the Raid of Mar-a-Lago, threw documents haphazardly all over the floor (perhaps pretending it was me that did it!), and then started taking pictures of them for the public to see. Thought they wanted them kept Secret? Lucky I Declassified!” Trump posted Wednesday morning.

“There seems to be confusion as to the ‘picture’ where documents were sloppily thrown on the floor and then released photographically for the world to see, as if that’s what the FBI found when they broke into my home. Wrong!” the former president added later in the evening. “They took them out of cartons and spread them around on the carpet, making it look like a big ‘find’ for them. They dropped them, not me — Very deceiving … And remember, we could have NO representative, including lawyers, present during the Raid. They were told to wait outside.”

This obviously staged FBI photo — similar to how seized drugs, money, and weapons are staged by police for photos following drug busts — was nothing more than propaganda designed to stir up Trump’s haters with false assumptions and deliberate misconceptions to further cement their preconceived notions on the former president’s alleged guilt … and that quite obviously worked on some, unfortunately.

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