Report: Staffers ‘frustrated’ with VP Harris after chaotic appearance on ‘The View’

Vice President Kamala Harris has long faced accusations of running a difficult, if not hostile, work environment — and those complaints have carried over into her Biden administration role.

According to recent reports, her staff is also clearly “frustrated” with the actions of ABC following an appearance by the vice president that was upended by an on-air emergency interruption. 

On-air drama

COVID-19 drama on the set led to hosts being taken off stage mid-show and the vice president continuing on with the interview remotely.

In the 24 hours leading up to the scheduled appearance, the hosts took a COVID-19 test. Just as the show was about to go live, the vice president’s staff discovered that two of them — Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro — tested positive.

Hostin and Navarro were instructed to leave the set and the show went to break. When it returned, the remaining hosts explained what happened and that Harris would be joining in from backstage.

As it turned out, both of the suspicious test results appeared to be false positives. Both of them are fully vaccinated.

The chaos continued when the vice president’s staffers claimed that a representative for The View assured her office that all cohosts tested negative, accusing ABC of not being “forthcoming” with the information.

Does it matter?

The Daily Wire suggested that the entire situation appears to have played out negatively for Harris.

Not only was her resulting interview not in person and not with a full panel, but it was also pushed back in the show and significantly shorter than had been anticipated. Making matters worse, Harris seemed to struggle through her answers on important issues including the COVID-19 vaccine.

Although Harris, along with President Joe Biden, has seen steep declines in her approval rating over the past several months, she is still seen as a likely contender for a future White House bid.

Her poor performance on The View could end up being a sign of things to come. Of course, it could have been simply an unfortunate turn of events.

In any case, voters are clearly paying attention to the issues that matter to them — and Harris continues to prove why she is already a historically unpopular vice president.

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