Former top communications staffer for ‘Republican’ Lincoln Project joins Soros-funded Democratic propaganda outfit

Virtually every informed conservative or Republican is aware that leftist billionaire George Soros is a political enemy, in that he uses his vast wealth in myriad ways to finance and fund the progressive agenda and Democratic causes in America.

Thus, it was initially something of a shock to learn that the top communications staffer of a purportedly Republican group had left that gig to play a similar role with a new Soros-backed media venture targeting alleged “disinformation” from right-wing media, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

That is until one realizes that the “Republican” group was the scandal-plagued anti-Trump Lincoln Project and that top communications staffer, RC Di Mezzo, is actually a registered Democrat simply crossing back over to his actual side of the partisan divide.

Disguising leftist propaganda as neutral and “nonpartisan” news

The reported move by Di Mezzo actually earned a brief mention in Politico’s Playbook on Monday, as the outlet noted that Di Mezzo “is now director of comms for Good Information Inc., Tara McGowan’s civic media company. He previously was national press secretary and senior digital strategist for the Lincoln Project.”

Di Mezzo himself announced the news in a thread of tweets Monday that proclaimed that “Disinformation is the single greatest threat to American democracy,” and how his new outfit, Good Information Inc., would work to actively counter the bad information with info deemed to be good.

What that means in reality, however, according to the Free Beacon, is that the leftist billionaire-backed Good Information Inc. will produce progressive propaganda subversively framed as being neutral and “nonpartisan” when it is anything but.

That is because, as Politico noted, Good Information Inc. was launched and is run by a Democratic strategist named Tara McGowan, who previously ran an openly leftist non-profit group known as ACRONYM as well as a fraudulent network of purportedly nonpartisan local news outlets known as Courier Newsroom that is, in actuality, “hyperlocal partisan propaganda.”

Even the decidedly left-leaning Vox expressed skepticism about McGowan’s supposedly nonpartisan Good Information venture when it first launched in February 2021 by way of pointing out just how rabidly partisan the Democratic strategist truly was and how, despite the deceptive framing of Courier as a neutral source, was clearly favorable to Democrats over Republicans in its coverage.

Leftist Democrats doing leftist Democratic things

Breitbart also reported on the career move for Di Mezzo from the Lincoln Project to Good Information Inc. and pointed out that, in addition to Soros, that venture was receiving financial support from the likes of other leftist billionaires like LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman as well as Lauren Powell Jobs, widow of deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs.

It was further noted that Di Mezzo worked for the scandalous Lincoln Project — which somehow still exists despite credible allegations of sexual assault and harassment by some of its founders — when that group attempted the laughably ridiculous scam of sending tiki torch-bearing Democratic staffers dressed as white supremacists to a rally for GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin during Virginia’s recent gubernatorial election.

For what it is worth, Di Mezzo had previously served as communications director for the Democratic Party of Vermont before joining the supposedly Republican Lincoln Project, so he is effectively just returning home to his Democratic roots by taking the job at the new Soros-backed leftist propaganda distribution hub.

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