Staffer defends Rep. Ilhan Omar, calls anti-Semitism a ‘right-wing force’

To conservatives, it’s clear who Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar really is: a prejudiced congresswoman with no place on Capitol Hill. But her staffers apparently don’t agree.

Despite Omar’s repeated use of language that many have called anti-Semitic to attack supporters of Israel — which she reiterated in a lengthy Twitter thread on Tuesday — one of the freshman Democrat’s top staffers has defended his boss, saying that “anti-Semitism is a right-wing force.”

Indeed, according to Omar staffer Jeremy Slevin, only Republicans can say things that are anti-Semitic, which puts Omar off the hook.

Omar attacks Netanyahu, AIPAC

In a thread of 14 tweets on Tuesday, the freshman congresswoman asserted that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu focused on her during a speech he gave at this year’s American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference.

Of course, Netanyahu hardly mentioned the 37-year-old congresswoman. But that didn’t stop her from launching a Twitter tirade in which she called out all forms of “hate and bigotry” with a disgustingly hypocritical message that ignores her history of making anti-Semitic remarks.

“To confront hate and bigotry in all its forms, we must understand that they are all related,” she tweeted. “We cannot call out one form of hate while turning a blind eye to another.”

But that’s exactly what her staffer did when he repeated — eight times in a row, to be exact — that anti-Semitism comes from the right, not the left.

But repeating a lie over and over again doesn’t quite make it true.

Repetitive nonsense

Needless to say, that absurd claim drew quite a response from the Twitterverse, members of which pointed out that anti-Semitism is not a thing confined to just the right or the left.

In fact, while the right tends to make a point of calling out and denouncing anti-Semitism on its own flank, the left routinely dismisses such expressions of hatred against Jews that are currently flourishing on its own flank, and more and more often creeping into the mainstream left.

It’s hardly up for debate whether Omar herself harbors anti-Semitic views, especially as she has made repeated national headlines over comments that many have viewed as offensive, including one in which she questioned whether Jewish Americans are fully loyal to the United States.

There’s no place for that kind of hatred in Washington or in America. It’s time for Democrats to recognize that and send Omar on her way.

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