Speculation surrounding Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health dwindles as justice makes numerous public appearances

When it comes to physical health, no single person has been surrounded by as much speculation as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

But a series of recent appearances by the justice, combined with a full future schedule lined up, has put to rest much of the concern over Ginsburg’s health — at least for now.

Early Concerns

To be frank, things were not looking so good for RBG as little as three or four weeks ago.

The only evidence anyone had to go by when ascertaining her health were some videos that were going around of the justice at the airport, in which she appeared to be very frail, weak, and completely out of sorts.

Indeed, RBG has only been back on the bench for a few weeks but during that time, we have heard very little in terms of negative reports about her health.

Now, it has been reported that Justice Ginsburg will be attending the 2019 Library of Congress National Book Festival. Ginsburg will be discussing My Own Words, a book detailing her own writings and speeches from various points in her career.

Back to Business

With the question of Ginsburg’s health settled, it will finally allow everyone to get back to business and stop worrying about whether President Donald Trump will be naming a replacement for the justice during this term.

However, what will more than likely not go away are changes being made to the structure of the Supreme Court.

Ginsburg’s recent health issues have people on both sides of the aisle wondering if we need to put age or term limits on justices.

Democrats have taken that a step further by putting out the idea of increasing the amount of justices on the court if they win the next election.

They have been toying with the idea of increasing the panel by as many as six justices to give the panel a severe liberal lean.

As it stands now, the court is 5-4 when it comes to conservative versus liberal ideologies, but Chief Justice John Roberts has shown a tendency to lean left during certain arguments.

But while Roberts has infuriated conservatives at times, his actions have just proven that Democrat fears of a tilted court were all for naught.

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