Speculation runs wild as Fetterman backs away from 'progressive' ideology

 February 1, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

John Fetterman, the Pennsylvania senator who suffered a stroke during his campaign, then won anyway, has been unique among the members of the upper chamber.

Sure, he's called himself a "progressive" and been on the left edge of reality like other Democrats on some issues, but he's also openly discussed his depression and charged into the Senate with a dress code for himself that easily could be described as "chores-are-us."

But abruptly, just days ago, he told an interviewer he's not "progressive," just a "Democrat," sparking online exchanges that now include the idea that he's positioning himself … for the White House.

It is at Revolver where the comment appears:

"One thing seems clear: this sudden shift seems politically motivated above all. If you were to ask us to place bets, we’d wager that Fetterman is eyeing a White House bid in 2028, and he’s starting to lay the groundwork with his 'I’m just a regular guy' narrative."

That comment also noted that "How his wife fits into this picture or doesn’t is still up in the air," and that's based on the recent disappearance, then reappearance, of Gisele Fetterman on social media.

She took down her postings, but then suddenly reappeared just a short time later.

As she explained to the Independent, "As soon as John’s political profile began to grow, I started receiving hate mail — ten times more than John ever got himself. I hadn’t sought an office of any kind, and I had never wanted to be in the public eye; in fact, that’s the last thing I’d want. I’ve always preferred serving others as a private citizen and have no interest in the politicking of policy."

On social media, she wrote, "I posted several months ago that I would be talking (sic) a break from social media. I was bored with it … I am a Pisces … it wasn't adding anything to my life .. but leaving social media is somehow more exhausting than having it?!"

Revolver reported on the sudden transformation: "What’s going on with John Fetterman? He’s flipped the script from sounding as bewildered as Joe Biden to making sharp, coherent points, even venturing into some conservative topics. Remember, Fetterman suffered a severe stroke, which took a toll on his speech and cognitive abilities. At times, it was hard to watch him struggle, and you wondered why on earth the people of Pennsylvania sent him to the Senate"

The report noted among the more outlandish theories was that a body double was being used, or that the abrupt personality change was triggered by the couple's separation, which Fetterman responded to with appearances with Gisele for a "date night."

It was to Jake Tapper Fetterman said he's just a "regular Democrat."

"And I believe that I’m on the right side of issues, whether that’s being very pro-choice, maybe that I believe that is being pro-union, and if I believe that’s pro-Israel as well, too."

He, in fact, abruptly stated a pro-Israel position amid the war launched by the terrorists in Hamas against the U.S. ally.

And he's supported immigration plans that "progressives" have condemned.

Fetterman said, "There are different kinds of opinions in the Democratic Party, and I’ve always been very clear that I’m going to stand on the right side of what I believe it is, and I’ve been very upfront on that as well too.”

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