Special counsel mocked for claim nation's laws 'apply to everyone'

June 11, 2023
World Net Daily

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Jack Smith, the man Democrats appointed to create a criminal case against President Trump over the presidential documents he apparently took with him when he left office, is taking a ribbing online.

For his claim that "We have one set of laws in the country, and they apply to everyone."

He made that statement this week in announcing that Trump had been indicted on charges of mishandling documents.

However, while a long list of charges has been filed against Trump, no charges ever were filed against Hillary Clinton, who is documented to have mishandled secret government information while secretary of state by putting it on an unsecured computer server, or Joe Biden, whose vast amounts of secret government documents have been uncovered in his garage, his home, his offices, and more.

Even former Vice President Mike Pence was given a pass after he reported secret documents in his possession.

Online, commenters, almost all anonymous, suggested Smith actually was lying.

"If that were true, Hillary would have been charged in 2016," said one.

"So we can expect Biden's charges soon as well then?" added another.

And another, "Everyone … except #TheBidenCrimeFamily."

One was more succinct, "No one believes it…"

commentary at Twitchy explained, "Smith's Trump announcement contained a claim that's VERY hard to believe. … 'One set of laws, and they apply to everyone.' Seriously?'"

It continued, "Does Jack Smith moonlight as a comedian? Because that's pretty funny, not to mention insulting all at the same time."

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