Rep. Ken Buck calls on Barr to appoint special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden

Despite the best efforts of Big Tech and the mainstream media to squelch any disparaging news about Hunter Biden, the dubious details of his international business dealings and how they relate to his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, are not going away any time soon, and could in fact dog the Democratic presidential nominee for quite some time to come.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) has called on Attorney General Bill Barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings “free from political interference,” the Washington Examiner reported.

The request from Buck follows the revelation last week that Barr has named U.S. Attorney John Durham as a special counsel in order to continue his criminal review of the origins of the debunked Russia collusion and interference investigation launched in 2016 against then-candidate Donald Trump.

If Barr appoints a second special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, that would be two major independent probes that could prove particularly troublesome for Biden if he is sworn in as president.

Special counsel needed

Buck tweeted Monday afternoon that the Justice Department “must appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s conduct and contents of his laptop. This needs to be investigated free from political interference. No matter who is in the White House.”

According to Fox News, the Colorado congressman also sent a letter to the attorney general making his request for a special counsel to examine Hunter Biden and his recovered laptop, which is reportedly in the possession of the FBI, more explicit.

“This investigation is critical to defending the integrity of our republic and ensuring a potential Biden Administration will not be the subject of undue foreign interference,” Buck wrote in the letter. “Americans have the right to know whether Mr. Biden’s reported ties to foreign governments will make him the subject of blackmail attempts or other nefarious efforts to undermine U.S. national security or otherwise improperly influence American foreign policy.”

The congressman noted the attorney general’s special “statutory authority” to appoint special counsels to “investigate and prosecute any matter that would present a conflict of interest for the Department or other extraordinary circumstances.” As an example, he referenced the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to take over the FBI’s anti-Trump investigation after President Trump had taken office.

“We must guarantee the integrity of our government and the security of our republic,” Buck wrote. “As such, I urge the DOJ to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s actions and the potentially incriminating contents of his laptop to ensure this important investigation will be completed.”

“Americans have a right to know”

On Tuesday, Buck publicly reiterated his request, writing on Twitter, “Americans have the right to know if Hunter Biden’s reported ties to foreign governments could make his father the target of blackmail attempts or other nefarious efforts to undermine U.S. national security.”

Attached to that tweet was an article from Breitbart covering Buck’s radio interview with conservative commentator Kyle Olson. “I think the special prosecutor has certain protections from the regular political change that occurs in administrations,” he said.

“The special counsel has authority to investigate and is given independent resources, and I think, in this case, the subject matter is absolutely significant and important for the American people to get to the bottom of,” he said.

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