Speaker's video offers lowlights of Joe Biden's tenure

 March 9, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden's State of the Union speech likely was not written for delivery Thursday evening to include how he opened the southern border and created a crisis for the whole nation – an invasion of millions of illegals.

Or his policy changes that allowed literally tons of illegal drugs to flood into America, killing people.

Or his disastrous economy that has seen inflation for consumers up 18% since he took office. And those mortgage rates that have doubled, pushing millions out of the housing market.

Or his attacks on America's energy industries.

Or his surging crime.

So House Speaker Mike Johnson has done it for him.

The Washington Examiner explained Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, was citing Biden's record.

His video "combined clips of Biden’s comments about the border, economy, and other policy matters with his worst moments, including tripping up the stairs of Air Force One," the report said of the video headlined, "The State of the Union is in decline."

"While the White House plans to use the annual address as a 'reset,' Speaker Johnson is reminding the American public that the reason a reset is even necessary is because of President Biden’s failed agenda and failed leadership," Johnson's office said.

"The State of the Union address will offer the American people an opportunity to hear directly from the President — a rare occurrence during his tenure in office. In just three years, President Biden’s policies have rapidly accelerated American decline on every issue from the economy to national security and foreign policy,” Johnson said in a statement. “The American people don’t need empty words on a page for a ‘reset’; we need better policies and a real leader.”

The video also includes Biden's poorly planned and handled pullout of troops from Afghanistan, when Americans were killed and tens of billions of dollars of war machinery were left behind for the terrorists in the Taliban.

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