Former Red Sox star David Ortiz shot at Dominican nightclub

Major League Baseball fans, as well as citizens of the Dominican Republic city of Santo Domingo, were sent into a panic this weekend.

On Sunday, David Ortiz, a former Boston Red Sox star, was shot in the back and rushed to the hospital.

For What Reason…

At this time, local police have still not released a motive for the shooting. However, they do have a suspect in custody.

The shooting itself was captured on video at the club in Ortiz’s hometown of Santo Domingo. Ortiz can be seen sitting at a table with one of his friends. A man approaches from behind, shoots Ortiz in the back, then tries to run out of the club.

You can see Ortiz immediately put his hands down to his stomach where the bullet exited. His friend, Jhoel Lopez, was also shot, possibly from the bullet as it excited Ortiz.

Ironically, Lopez has posted a picture of the two of them at the club just prior to the shooting taking place.

Mob Justice

The man who allegedly shot Ortiz, Eddie Feliz Garcia, was eventually captured by a local mob.

Ortiz is idolized in his home town for the charity work he has done there, so this was akin to someone shooting the president here in the states.

When the crowd caught the man, they began beating him and hitting him with anything and everything they could find on the street. Pictures were later released, showing a bloodied and bandaged Garcia.

While the motive for the shooting has not yet been announced, some speculation is circulating that this may have been a robbery, but that does not make sense.

The man never appeared to reach for anything and tried to get out of the club as quickly as possible after shooting Ortiz.

Ortiz did undergo surgery and the last report is that he is now in stable condition.

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