South Korea fires flares, warning shots after Russian planes violate airspace

South Korea and Russia have added to the worldwide tensions between the United States, its allies, and its perceived enemies around the world.

After several Russian planes entered South Korean air space, South Korea fired hundreds of warning shots and flares to scare off the incursion.

Violating Airspace

The airspace in question is located between South Korea and Japan. In that area is a series of islets, which are being contested by both Japan and South Korea.

South Korea maintains that for the first time in about six decades, its airspace was violated by the Russians –not once, but twice.

During the first violation, South Korea fired flares and a reported 80 warning shots, according to the Daily Wire.

During the second violation, it was reported Chinese planes may have accompanied the Russian planes into South Korean airspace.

When this happened, South Korean fighters sent more flares and a reported 280 warning shots to move the planes out of their airspace.

Russia, of course, says they never violated the airspace and the report by the South Koreans was completely wrong.

Japan and China Weigh In

After the report was made public, Japan laid claim to the same airspace. That nation not only chided Russia, but also criticized South Korea for violating Japanese airspace and laying claim to the islets it believes fall under Japanese purview.

The Chinese also commented on the statement by South Korea, expressing displeasure over the term “violation” having been used. Even though they are not allies, China said it has had a “friendly” relationship with South Korea and that terminology such as this puts that relationship at risk.

For now, the tempers between the countries seem to be limited to these verbal jabs. It is rather odd, though, that while Iran reportedly violated international airspace and waters with both the U.K. and the United States, Russia became involved in a similar incident.

It is as though both countries are pushing the envelope to see just how far they can push matters without actually getting into an armed conflict. How long will this last before tensions boil over?

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