South Carolina Gov. McMaster signs bill banning biological males from competing in female sports

A growing trend of concern for many Americans is biological males who identify as transgender females competing athletically — and in some cases utterly dominating — against biological females in girls’ and women’s sports.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R) just signed a bill this week to prevent that from occurring in the Palmetto State going forward, though, as student-athletes will be limited to only competing against other athletes of the same biological sex, Breitbart reported.

The state becomes the latest of roughly a dozen other mostly Republican-led states that have taken action to protect biologically female athletes from the unfair competition posed by biological males who, by virtue of their genetic makeup, are typically faster and stronger than their female counterparts.

Girls should play against girls and boys against boys

NPR reported that Gov. McMaster signed the bill in question into law as part of a quiet and unheralded bill signing ceremony Monday that included a total of 43 pieces of legislation submitted for his approval and signature.

There was little doubt that the governor would sign the bill into law as he had previously expressed his support for the measure, and had stated for the record last month that “I think the girls ought to play girls and the boys ought to play boys. That’s the way we’ve always done it.”

When pressed if he was referring to biological males, presumably those who identify as female, according to NPR, he replied, “Are there any other kind?”

Nor is McMaster’s stance a new one, as he had expressed his support for the idea when legislation had initially been introduced but later tabled last year, according to an April 2021 report from local CBS affiliate WLTX.

In response to a statement from the NCAA that threatened to withdraw sponsored events from states that banned biological males from female sports, McMaster had said dismissively at that time, “I think the NCAA ought to mind their own business,” and added, “If they want to pass laws they need to run for office.”

Biological sex listed on birth certificate the controlling factor

As for the recently signed bill itself, which was dubbed the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” the stated premise of the measure was to maintain and protect fairness and opportunity for female athletes to compete in sports and other athletic events.

That would be accomplished by requiring the “designation of separate sex-specific athletic teams or sports,” though co-ed teams and leagues are permitted, as well as a requirement that student-athletes compete in the sex-specific teams and sports that correspond with their biological sex as listed on their birth certificate.

Of course, some Democrats and LGBTQ activists have cried foul at what they allege to be bigoted and discriminatory legislation against transgender individuals and have downplayed or ignored the fact that, at least in some instances, biological males identifying as females have completely dominated their female competitors in certain sports and athletic events and made the playing field decidedly unlevel for the average female athlete.

In truth, though, legislation such as that just signed in South Carolina has proven necessary to help re-institute common sense and decency and push back against the absurdity and travesty of looking the other way as biological males increasingly invade and take over girls’ and women’s sports.

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