Justice Sotomayor to undergo shoulder surgery after accident

More bad news for liberals hoping to gain any foothold on the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor underwent surgery on her injured shoulder on Tuesday.

The Injury

Several weeks ago, Justice Sotomayor fell while at home.

At the time of the injury, it was played off as not that big of a deal.

However, days after the injury, rumors started to circulate because the Justice had cancelled her upcoming travel schedule.

Finally, after days of speculation, her office acknowledged the injury was far worse than initially believed.

If her surgery goes well, the Justice is expected to wear a sling for several weeks while recovering.

In addition, she will need extensive physical therapy.

Assuming all goes well, the Justice should be up to a full schedule within a few months.

On the Other Hand…

While we would never wish ill-will on anyone, we would be negligent if we did not consider complications.

If something were to go wrong with her surgery or the demands of the job became too much with her injury, liberals would be in a world of pain.

Liberals are hanging on by a very thin thread right now when it comes to the Supreme Court.

Any retirement from office would hurt them significantly.

Currently, there is a slight conservative edge on the Supreme Court, 5-4.

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If, for some reason, Sotomayor is unable to continue her duties, Trump would be tasked with appointing her replacement, giving conservatives a 6-3 edge.

With at least one liberal justice staring down the barrel at retirement already, liberals would be faced with decades of a conservative-oriented Supreme Court.

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