Report: George Soros illegally funded Irish campaign to legalize abortion

Anyone thinking George Soros is not trying to change the world into a progressive utopia is foolish at best.

Irish courts handed Soros a massive victory when they permitted him to illegally fund Amnesty International to influence an abortion election.

Breaking the Law

The decision by the Irish High Court simply makes no sense.

The Irish Standards in Public Commissions Office (SIPO) has a strict limit on donations for political purpose.

Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) reportedly donated £137,000 to Amnesty International for the sole purpose of supporting a referendum to repeal the country’s Eighth Amendment.

The campaign, “My Body, My Rights,” would be considered a political movement by anyone with common sense.

Amnesty International, however, argued the complete opposite, and somehow won.

The commission had ruled the donation was politically motivated this past November, and the monies had to be returned to Soros’ foundations.

But after a suit was filed in the High Court, SIPO agreed its finding was “procedurally flawed” and is now allowing Amnesty International to keep the funds.

In addition, SIPO must pay part of the group’s legal fees.

Soros’ World

Decisions such as this are playing right into the hands of George Soros.

Make no mistake about it, had Hillary Clinton won the presidential election, Soros would be the one pulling her strings.

One of his main focal points has — and will continue to be — the promotion of abortions.

Soros has donated a reported $246 million to abortion rights groups in just the past few years.

Of that, $21 million has been spent right here in the United States in support of Planned Parenthood.

Watch the situation in Ireland very closely, as it could be the future of the United States.

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Now that the country has voted to repeal its Eighth Amendment, which protected the rights of unborn babies, radical laws are now being proposed.

Among the proposed legislation is legalized abortion as far as six months into the pregnancy, and taxpayer support for abortions.

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