Hungary’s opposition to George Soros forces him to close his school there

The worldwide conservative movement to end George Soros is finally getting some traction.

A just published report stated Soros’ Central European University (CEU) is being booted out of Hungary.

Stop Soros

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made it his mission to rid his country of Soros’ influence.

Virtually moments after the latest election results were finalized, “Stop Soros” legislation was introduced.

While many on the left laughed at the suggestion of such a move, the legislation is clearly having an impact, and much sooner than most thought possible.

Since Soros and his organizations are considered a “national security risk,” the Hungarian government is doing anything and everything it can to remove his influence from its borders.

The new law stipulated the CEU must have a new branch opened up in New York to even be considered in Hungary.

While the “university” has done that, the Hungarian government is not exactly moving at light speed to allow the CEU to remain in Budapest.


Those within the Soros hierarchy are now fuming the Hungarians are blocking them from digging their hooks in to the people of Hungary.

Since it would appear relocation of CEU is inevitable, the organization has “signed an agreement with the City of Vienna to open a new satellite campus there.”

Even with the new digs, though, not all is well for CEU.

Because the university has no idea where it will actually be located in the near future, recruiting staff is presenting some challenges.


It would appear as though conservative leaders around the world, at least everywhere but the United States, are finally catching on to Soros’ little game.

Soros has literally opened his bank account to liberals in an effort to promote open borders throughout the world.

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This is not about him being friendly to immigrants, but rather his plan to be the most powerful and influential man in the world.

After all, why rule one country when you can rule them all.

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