Soros donates huge sum to Stacey Abrams’s campaign

George Soros, once again, has been caught trying to use his billions to get left-wing extremists elected.

A new report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reveals that Soros has donated $1 million to the campaign of Stacey Abrams. 

Abrams is running as a Democrat to become the next governor of Georgia.

One million dollars

The $1 million donation from Soros came just after Abrams, in March, qualified to run. The donation was made from Democracy PAC II to One Georgia, the former of which is Soros’s super PAC and the latter of which is Abrams’s leadership PAC. Soros’s super PAC is currently run by his son.

Normally, of course, there are limits on how much a candidate can raise. But, a law passed by Georgia’s Congress in 2021 allows certain gubernatorial candidates to form special committees to raise as much money as they can without limits. That’s the point of Abrams’s leadership PAC.

A judge, though, has thrown a spanner in the works.

U.S. District Judge Mark Cohen has ruled that Abrams cannot spend the money that she raises through her leadership PAC until and unless she wins the Democrat primary. The same rule applies to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R).

So, Abrams has some work to do before she can spend Soros’s money.


It is well-known how Soros throws his money around not only to get leftists elected but to further the leftist agenda. This, in fact, isn’t even the first time that Soros has tried to get Abrams elected. Back in 2018, when Abrams first ran against Kemp, Soros donated $1.34 million to the Georgia Democratic Party.

This year, Soros has given $125 million to his Democracy PAC II super PAC. The obvious point of the donation is to try to help the Democrats in the 2022 election cycle, one in which the Republicans, at least on the national scene, appear to be heavily favored.

Real Clear Politics currently has Kemp leading Abrams by an average margin of 5.2 percentage points. This, of course, assumes that Kemp and Abrams both win their respective primaries, which will take place later this month.

Soros didn’t manage to get Abrams elected last time. We’ll see if the result is any different this time around.

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