Soros donated to anti-Trump governor who refuses to send National Guard to border

Once again, George Soros has proven his only intention in this world is to cause discourse in the United States.

It was just reported Soros loaded the campaign coffers of Oregon Governor Kate Brown with a massive donation of $25,000.

The Disruptor

Soros is known for backing controversial left-oriented candidates.

And, he doesn’t exactly worry about ethics when he writes checks.

Brown, for instance, is refusing to obey a federal mandate to utilize the National Guard to secure the border.

Soros was also one of Hillary Clinton’s top donors.

The Enemy of the Right

Soros first got on the conservative radar when he became the mastermind and moneyman to block Bush’s second term.

He was constantly garnering headlines for making anti-right statements to the press.

Soros backed up his tough talk by both donating money and establishing foundations specifically to fight off conservative agendas.

While he had become the face of the enemy long before the 2016 presidential election, he elevated himself by promoting virtually every cause speaking out against Trump.

For instance, Soros pumped up the funds for the Women’s March and the March for Science.

While the Women’s March was supposed to be a celebration of women, it turned into a Trump bashing party.

Women dressed in disgusting costumes and major liberal stars were dropping F bombs when they took the microphone.


Soros’ ultimate goal is to turn the United States into a liberal haven controlled by the government.

In essence, Soros would then be president, since he pretty much owns virtually every major Democrat politician in this country.

While his influence in the United States is well-known, he is also spreading his money around throughout the world.

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If there is a liberal politician, Soros is putting money in their pockets.

While not holding office, make no mistake about it, Soros is arguably the most powerful liberal in the world.

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