Soros caught funding ‘nonpartisan’ watchdog group that hit Trump administration with lawsuits

George Soros will do anything to undermine this presidency.

In fact, he donated more than $1 million to an organization whose main purpose is to damage this presidency by inundating it with lawsuits.

It’s All About Power

George Soros has been undermining political administrations around the world for decades.

His ultimate goal is to become the most powerful man in the world.

He does this by buying influence with politicians and backing unscrupulous organizations that work to destroy anything and everything conservative.

If he had his way, his dream of globalism will become a reality, and the United States would be a socialist country.

In essence, Soros’ ultimate goal is to have every person in the world dependent upon him.

Undermining the Presidency

As such, during the presidential election, Soros lined Hillary Clinton’s pockets in hopes that she would be his puppet in the White House.

But when Clinton lost, Soros switched gears and immediately started looking for ways to hurt the administration.

While liberals were falsely preaching unity, people like Soros were doing everything they could to tear this country apart.

Among Soros’ portfolio of investments going to anti-Trump organizations was a $1.35 million donation to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

According to reports, the money was sent to CREW through the Foundation to Promote Open Society and the Open Society Policy Center, both of which have affiliations to Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

This is a group that shared staff with Media Matters for America (MMA), a liberal group founded by Clinton allies.

Not so surprisingly, CREW has been hammering the Trump administration with lawsuits virtually from the first day Trump took office.

The group is attacking Trump at every angle, including with a lawsuit alleging that Trump has violated the emoluments clause in our Constitution.

As has been stated before, Soros is a very dangerous man who must be stopped.

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The fact the Financial Times awarded him their “Person of the Year” prize is shameful.

Soros should be in jail, not put up on a pedestal of someone that actually represents the best democracy has to offer.

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