Bomb found at George Soros’ New York home

According to authorities, an explosive device was delivered to liberal billionaire George Soros’ New York home on Monday.

The device was found in the mailbox by one of Soros’ house staff.

Suspicious Package

When the package was opened, the employee saw what looked like an explosive device and quickly moved the package to a nearby wooded area.

The employee then called authorities.

The local bomb squad arrived and quickly disarmed the device.

They have since announced the area has been cleared and they believe there is no further danger in the area.

Soros was not at home when the package was discovered.

The entire incident is now under investigation by the Joint Terrorism Task Force Division (FBI).

Lots of Enemies

While Soros doesn’t have many friends on the right in the U.S., he also has a LOT of enemies around the globe.

His meddling in American politics is famous, but so is his support for progressive causes around the globe.

Here in the United States, Soros is believed to have already donated more than $15 million since the 2016 presidential election to fight back against President Donald Trump and help Dems win back a majority in Congress.

Soros is adamant that he wants Democrats back in charge so he can further push his personal leftist agenda.

Many, including this author, firmly believed had Hillary won the presidential election, she would have been nothing more than a puppet for Soros.

Some of the other countries where Soros is buying influence are: Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovakia.
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Some wonder whether the massive migrant caravan traveling towards the United States southern border has been financed by Soros.

One would have to admit, with immigration being such a hotbed topic, the timing of the caravan is rather convenient.

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