George Soros accused of involvement in death of journalist

Hungarian billionaire George Soros is a favorite enemy of the conservative movement, but no one could have expected what he has been accused of now.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused Soros of being involved in the murder of controversial investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancé in February.

The Mafia Connection.

The 27-year-old Kuciak was found dead, alongside his fiancé, in their Bratislava apartment on February 25 after he published a story that linked the Italian mafia to some of Slovakia’s top politicians.

The pair were both shot.

The story, titled “The Model, the Mafia and the Murderers,” was published with the Czech Center for Investigative Journalism, the Investigative Reporting Project Italy and Aktuality.SK, Haaretz reported.

The story claimed that top Slovakian politicians were linked to the Italian crime organization ‘Ndrangheta.

Soros’ Fingerprints All Over It.

Prime Minister Orban told the Hungarian media that he believes Soros is involved in the murder, a charge that could send him to jail for life.

“I see George Soros and his organizations’ fingerprints on the events in Slovakia,” he was quoted as saying.

“I don’t doubt it for a minute that this network does everything to overthrow governments opposing migration,” he said.

Prime Minister Orban has attacked Soro’s before, notably last year when he ran a billboard campaign blaming the billionaire for Europe’s migrant crisis.

The billboards, which implored the Hungarian people “Let’s not let Soros have the last laugh,” was deemed anti-Semitic by some.

A ridiculous charge, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a similar claim when he said that Soros was behind the opposition to an Israeli plan to deport asylum seekers.

It makes sense for Prime Minister Orabn to blame Soros for the murders as his countrymen have been protesting over the journalist’s death.

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And there is no doubt that Soros is behind many controversial groups, both in the United States and abroad, as he seeks to erase borders.

But this is the first time someone has accused him directly of murder. The jury is definitely out on this one.

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