Sororities at top college unanimously decide whether to let in biological guy

Sororities at the University of Alabama have rejected, unanimously, a membership application from a biological male.

Grant Sikes, who says he is female, complained that he just hoped that through his application he would show that “everyone is welcomed for just being themselves.”

According to a report in the Daily Wire, Sikes tried to join the sororities and posted his agenda on TikTok.

But the sororities turned him down, some literally instantly.

On social media, Sikes “complained,” according to the report. “This recruitment journey is over for me. Being dropped from my last house this morning during primary recruitment at the University of Alabama doesn’t come as a surprise considering out of the almost 20 chapters – I was dropped by every single one except 2 before day 1.”

He continued, “I’m hopeful of a future where everyone is welcomed for just being themselves – everywhere. If you are going through a hard time today, remember that life is too short to ponder on the things lost. Choose happiness & always look for the positive things throughout life. Move on. See the good. See the bad. Hope for the best. Brave the worst.”

The installation of transgenderism in American society has grown by leaps and bounds since Joe Biden was installed in the Oval Office. He even has made attempts to provide special privileges for that community based on so-called “non-discrimination” claims.

The Daily Wire explained sports commentator Clay Travis praised the sororities for their standards.

“Roll Tide. Good for them for standing up to this absurdity. Good for the women at the University of Alabama for the people who are advising them; for them being willing to stand up, to be called ‘transphobic’ or whatever you want to say. I can’t believe I have to say this: Men should not be able to be members of Alabama sororities.”

The issue has come up before, and several years ago a local chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi accepted the male Harper Hopkins, but the national office “was reluctant,” and was targeted with attacks charging transphobia. It then relented.

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