Son of Boston police captain pleads guilty to terrorism

Homegrown terrorists can come from anywhere, and this case proves just that.

Alexander Ciccolo, the 25-year-old son of a Boston police captain, recently pled guilty to two counts of terrorism.

Local Terrorists

When the Department of Justice published the report on Monday, people were stunned.

How could the son of a local law enforcement officer turn into a terrorist?

Ciccolo not only admitted to supporting ISIS, but he also said he collected explosives and weapons to help “further its goal.”

His goal was to literally murder his fellow American citizens for ISIS.

Assistant Attorney General John Demers stated, “Homegrown violent extremists pose a serious danger to innocent Americans.”

Luckily, his own father, a police captain in the Boston PD, alerted law enforcement his son was interested in ISIS.

The Case

After authorities were alerted about Ciccolo, they hatched a plan to take him down.

Authorities set up a sting with an informant and Ciccolo to buy several weapons.

After he received the weapons delivery, he was arrested.

According to the Justice Department report, Ciccolo had been previously convicted of a crime where he had spent more than a year in jail, making possession of any firearms a crime.

When authorities checked his apartment, they found incendiary devices.

They were crudely made Molotov cocktails using shredded Styrofoam and motor oil.

Ciccolo said using this combination would make the Styrofoam stick to the skin and make them harder to extinguish.

Not long after his arrest, Ciccolo attacked a nurse in processing at the correctional center.

He used a pen and stabbed her more than 10 times.

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By pleading guilty, Ciccolo avoided spending the rest of his life in prison and what could have been up to $1 million in fines.

The Justice Department statement said the agreement they reached with him was for 20 years in prison and a lifetime of supervised release once he is paroled.

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