Trump blasts Biden, Harris in bombshell interview: ‘Something is going wrong’

In a bombshell interview with Breitbart News last week, former President Donald Trump lashed out at the pair of Democrats who succeeded him in the White House, saying plainly that “something is wrong” with Joe Biden — and Vice President Kamala Harris “certainly hasn’t been doing too good,” either.

Trump reportedly spoke with Breitbart for two hours on a variety of topics, including the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and lingering concerns about President Biden’s cognitive health.

“There’s something wrong”

Asked about the 2024 presidential race, Trump said he doesn’t expect Biden to throw his hat in the ring.

The former president hasn’t made it clear whether he’ll mount his own bid for the White House next time around.

“I don’t think you’ll face Biden,” Trump told Breitbart last week. “Biden is not an old man, by the way, but there’s something wrong,” he added.

“But he is not an old man — he’s going to be 79; that is not old,” Trump said of Biden, according to Breitbart. “I know people that are much older than that, and they’re as sharp as they were 40 years ago. Biden is not an old person.”

“Sharp as can be”

While age may not be a factor, however, Trump does believe “something is wrong” in the Oval Office.

“They talk about age. If you’re in your 70s or even your 80s, I know so many people even in their 90s, like Bernie Marcus of Home Depot and so many others; they’re in their 90s and sharp as can be,” the former president told Breitbart. “But something is wrong. Something is going wrong there. I don’t like to predict that far forward. It’s such a long time, and I don’t know — things are happening left and right.”

“I gave you the best”

As Breitbart noted, some have also suggested that Democrats might put up Vice President Harris as their candidate for the presidency come 2024. But in light of recent polling, Trump doesn’t see that working out for them.

“If you go by the polls, she hasn’t been doing too good,” he said of Harris, according to Breitbart. “She certainly hasn’t been doing too good.”

Trump specifically called the VP’s handling of a recent migration crisis at the U.S.–Mexico border a “disaster.”

“It’s the worst border we’ve ever had,” the former president claimed, “and I gave you the best.”

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