Donald Trump says big rally crowds forecast GOP wins: ‘Something big is happening’

President Trump believes the future of the GOP is VERY bright.

After appearing at several rallies over the last couple of weeks, Trump is predicting “something big is happening” in our country.

Groundswell Support

The true measure of how people feel and will be voting this November is how they actually show up for a candidate or cause.

The protests of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh provided proof of this over the last month or so.

While the mainstream media portrayed these protests with a significant presence, the real pictures told the true story.

The media was zooming in to protestors in order to avoid giving the full picture, meaning a very limited showing and severe lack of interest in their case.

On the other hand, we have President Donald Trump’s rallies, which are held in arenas, usually to a full house.

In many of these cases, support is so significant, the venues have to put up viewing screens outside to support the overflow.

Something Big

While the publicity was a horrible ordeal for Justice Kavanaugh and his family, the allegations against him may have been the best thing for the GOP as a whole.

What happened to Kavanaugh woke up a lot of conservative Americans and made it quite clear this fight is not even close to being over.

Many Trump supporters thought that once the election was over, people would let bygones be bygones and support the administration, as long as it was making things better for Americans as a whole.

While there is no question the everyday American is far better off today than they were only a couple of years ago, the divide in the country has only increased, largely in part because Democrats refuse to move forward.

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All of that has combined to once again awaken disenfranchised Americans to support a candidate both the establishment and Democrats despise.

Trump is right… something amazing is happening and come November, we will see exactly how big that something is.

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