Someone HELPED Epstein Die, Says Bodyguard

It’s sounding more and more like foul play…

After recent findings regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s death, one of Epstein’s bodyguards believes someone “helped” the late billionaire pedophile kill himself.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Igor Zinoviev, a former bodyguard said that he believes Epstein had help killing himself while in custody while he was at the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan last Saturday.

The interviewer asked Zinoviev what he thought when he heard about Epstein’s death, to which Zinoviev replied:

“Are you sure you want to hear what I am going to think?… Somebody helped him to do that.”

This disturbing announcement came out around the same time an autopsy was released showing that Epstein’s neck was broken when he died – which is most often associated with being strangled by someone else.

Epstein’s death is shrouded in mystery. And more inquiries need to be made….

But one thing is certain: Epstein’s death was no accident. It was an intentional attempt to thwart justice and leave the countless female victims without a path to find closure.

The people in charge of the prison where Epstein stayed need to be fired. Either those prison officials let him die through negligence or they took part in helping him die – but either way, they don’t deserve a job.

These aren’t conspiracies anymore. These are facts. Even though the liberal media wants to believe otherwise, Epstein’s death has the makings of a pre-planned murder.

Until investigators can rule out murder, every possible explanation should remain on the table.

It’s only a matter of looking.

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