First photos of soldiers patrolling U.S.-Mexico border released

Our borders are finally being secured!

Pictures are starting to blow up all over the internet of our National Guard troops patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border.

Military Presence

After approval was given by the Trump administration to use military at the border, several states immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Photo – AP via Daily Mail

Not surprisingly, Governor Abbott of Texas led the way by deploying more than 200 troops on the first day.

Soon thereafter, both New Mexico and Arizona followed suit.

While the Republican governors of those states jumped at the opportunity to better secure the border, not everyone was walling to bring in the military.

The governor of Oregon was adamant the military would not be used.

Brown Breaks Down

In California, Governor Brown finally broke his silence on the matter.

Begrudgingly, Brown sent about 400 troops to join the other states contingent.

However, while he did send the troops, Brown does not want them involved at all on immigration issues.

Photo – Reuters via Daily Mail

Since the governor of the state deploying the troops retains control of those specific troops, Brown’s National Guard troops are more or less statues that can do nothing at all but stand there.

Somehow, Brown does not see eye-to-eye with President Trump on the border issue.

If we are to believe Brown, there is no urgency at all.

Mexican Backlash

Mexican leadership does not appear happy at all about the additional eyes on the border.

In fact, the Mexican Senate is ready to suspend cooperation with the United States regarding illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

Photo – AP via Daily Mail

Here is the thing, though…

Both Bush and Obama sent National Guard troops to the border during their presidencies.

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At no time did the public balk. At no time did Congress or Senate cry foul. And at no time did the Mexican government make threats.

The pushback is for one reason and one reason only… Donald Trump.

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