Social worker ordered to pay millions for ‘retaliation’ case against parent

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Court records reveal a Colorado social worker who filed a false complaint against a parent, apparently in retaliation over comments the parent made about the social worker’s “partner,” has been ordered to pay $3 million in damages.

Fox News Digital explains it obtained a copy of the ruling in the case against former social worker Robin Niceta.

“This award is made, in part, ‘to send a message that this kind of conduct cannot and should not be tolerated by anybody,'” said Elizabeth Beebe Volz, the judge who heard the case in Arapahoe County.

Niceta still faces a criminal case for the same offense, on charges of attempting to influence a public servant and a false report about child abuse.

Niceta made the claims against Aurora Councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky, that she touched her own toddler inappropriately.

The claim came only one day after Jurinsky was on a radio talk show to criticize Vanessa Wilson, who then was Aurora’s police chief.

Jurinsky described the officer as “trash” and recommended ousting her.

But Wilson, at that time, had been dating Niceta.

Wilson was eventually fired.

But the report explained Niceta’s false complaint triggered an investigation that eventually cleared Jurinsky of any wrongdoing. However, the threat had remained for weeks that she would lose custody of her son.

After the case developed, Niceta quit her job with Arapahoe child protective services.

Though her complaint about Jurisnky was filed anonymously, police found the tip came from her cell phone.

In addition to the criminal counts Niceta faces, Jurinsky filed a civil case and lost the case by refusing to show up for any of the hearings.

Jurinsky told a local reporter she likely never would see the damages from Niceta, but she was focused on holding the ex-social worker accountable.

Niceta also was part of an alleged operation in the county that “baselessly” remove children from their parents. There’s a legal fight developing over that as well.

According to information from that separate case, Niceta allegedly made sexual advances toward women who she was investigating as a social worker and used her authority to separate their children from them if they spurned her advances.

WND reported in 2022 when the case was developing that the “systemic fraud” suspected in the county’s system had left its operations in disarray.

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