Social media user lambasted for twisting Bible 'forgiveness'

 April 8, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden initially announced a few years back he was going to "forgive" $400 billion in student loans, in a move that largely was seen as an attempt to buy votes from younger Americans.

The Supreme Court said he couldn't. So he reached into his bag of tools and pulled out a different law that might allow that to happen, although there is a court challenge.

Since then, he's shifted some $144 billion of student loan debt from the backs of borrowers to the backs of taxpayers, many of whom did not enjoy their younger years at an Ivy League school.

What he's shifted now amounts to between $400 and $500 per man, woman, and child in America.

On Monday, he announced he's going to go further with his defiance of the Supreme Court, with plans to "cancel" student loans for millions of people more.

And that prompted one commenter on social media to ridicule Christians who don’t support the transfer of debt from borrowers to taxpayers.

Being J. Wood said, "Why is every Christian I talk to vehemently against loan forgiveness? I mean, isn't forgiveness supposed to be what Christianity is all about?

And that presumptive declaration hit a gusher of response, none of it endorsing that concept.

commentary from Twitchy compiled the responses, including, "It is not 'forgiveness' when you are forcing someone to pay for debt incurred by someone else," and "I've seen some real winners in the non-Christians lecturing Christians on what their religion tells them about what their political position should be on an issue department, but this one is a real doozy."

Further, if individuals are to be "equal under the law," what about those who have already paid their loans? Should they be reimbursed?

It could provide some level of discomfort for those advocating for loan transference, as a person approaching retirement now who paid off a relatively modest $20,000 in loans in his or her day could be owned in the range of $150,000 now, based on the original payments and compound interest.

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