Soap opera star calls for the exhumation of Ivana Trump

We have heard a lot of crazy things from leftists this week amid the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. But, this has to be the craziest.

Breitbart News reports that actress Nancy Lee Grahn, the longtime cast member of ABC’s General Hospital soap opera, has called for the body of the recently-deceased Ivana Trump to be exhumed.  

This is insanity.

Grahn called for Ivana Trump to be disinterred in a Twitter message that she addressed to the FBI on Wednesday.

She wrote:

Dear @FBI, I know u don’t need advice from a soap star, but having been in 10 or 10k implausible storylines in my 37 yrs, may I recommend digging up Ivana. Cleary it didn’t take 10 pall bearers to carry a liposuctioned 73 yr old who methinks was in her weight in classified docs.

In other words, Grahn wants the FBI to exhume Ivana Trump’s body because she believes, sincerely, that former President Trump hid documents that he took from the White House in Ivana Trump’s coffin.

Background: FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid

The backstory here is that the impetus behind the FBI’s raid of Trump’s Florida estate was, at least ostensibly, documents that Trump took from the White House upon his departure.

Trump has disputed that he has done anything wrong for several reasons, including that the documents were declassified. Trump has also maintained that the FBI could have simply asked him for the document and that he would have handed them over.

Given these facts and others, Trump has alleged that the raid was politically motivated, that it is part of the political left’s plan to stop him from running for the presidency in 2024.

The U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Biden administration have all denied this.

Background: Grahn, anti-Trump leftist

Grahn has been making absurd political statements on Twitter for some time now, although this Ivana Trump tweet has to be her craziest one yet.

Grahn, in particular, spent a lot of time targeting the former president, in addition to anyone associated with Trump. This is something that Grahn did throughout Trump’s presidency as well.

ABC has yet to comment on Grahn’s latest tweet, calling for the exhumation of Ivana Trump. Given ABC’s leftist tendencies, one wouldn’t ABC to hold Grahn accountable.

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