‘SNL’ takes swipe at Melania Trump over abortion rights in show’s season finale

Following efforts by blue states such as New York to expand abortion rights, red states including Alabama have passed legislation tightening restrictions on the same, and the vitriolic debate over the issue has reached a heated crescendo.

The writers and cast of NBC’s Saturday Night Live attempted to make light of the situation this weekend, and in doing so took a despicable swipe at first lady Melania Trump, along with other members of President Donald Trump’s family and administration.

Distasteful display

The “cold open” segment of the season finale of SNL was a skit in the Oval Office featuring actor Alec Baldwin as Trump and a host of other prominent characters assembled around him.

Those also portrayed in the scene included the first lady, Trump’s two eldest sons Don Jr. and Eric, Vice President Mike Pence, press secretary Sarah Sanders, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and even rapper Kanye West, among others.

The skit was a musical number based on the Queen song “Don’t Stop Me Now” with unsurprisingly substituted lyrics that reflected the overtly liberal bias of the writers and cast and portrayed Trump and those around him in a negative light.

As for the first lady, who was portrayed by actress Cecily Strong, she writhed and danced around seductively on the Resolute desk throughout the song, first singing about how her husband hid his tax returns and that he only watched Fox News.

Watch below:

Disturbing sense of humor

Midway through the number, Justice Thomas — played by actor Kenan Thompson — made an appearance and sang, “The Supreme Court’s ready for a fight on abortion, we got the votes now, women are screwed.”

That was followed by the first lady singing, “It was an issue you thought got resolved, 50 years ago! But no, no, no! Old men are still in control,” as she placed her hands over her chest and uterus.

A moment later, the first lady’s character uttered a line about throwing stones while living in a glass tower and referenced her husband’s history of infidelity.

The fun and games were eventually ended by the appearance of special counsel Robert Mueller, played by actor Robert DeNiro, who was nevertheless cut off by Trump saying, “No collusion, no obstruction,” followed a moment later by the ubiquitous, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

The skit was nothing special as far as humor goes, which is par for the course for the Trump-bashing comedy sketch series. What it revealed, however, was the sick outlook on abortion held by the writers and cast, not to mention the utter disrespect, intolerance, and abject hatred with which the first lady and others connected to Trump are treated.

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