Rep. Duffy says there’s ‘smoke’ and ‘fire’ in Clinton collusion investigation

The investigation into Hillary Clinton is not quite over, at least it shouldn’t be, according to Rep. Sean Duffy.

While discussing the Russia probe, Duffy stated, “Let’s not just look at Donald Trump. There is a lot of smoke, and I think there’s fire to look at Hillary Clinton as well.”

Hillary and the Russians

For more than a year, Mueller has been probing alleged collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians.

In that time, the investigation has come up with nothing linking Trump to any illegal activity.

Yesterday, reports were revealed that Mueller actually told Trump’s attorneys he is NOT a focus of any illegal or criminal activity.

However, connections between Hillary and the Russians are low hanging fruit Mueller has yet to bother to pick.

Breaking the Law

If Mueller wants to look at laws that were broken during the election, he need look no further than the Christopher Steele dossier on Trump.

It has already been proven that Hillary’s campaign and the DNC contributed to the funding of the dossier.

There is also no argument Steele served as the foreign agent compiling the information.

Those two facts make the dossier illegal, at least in terms of the election.

Our election laws forbid securing a foreign agent to gather information for use in an election.

Hillary regularly mentioned Trump and the Russians during her campaign.

The references she was making were no doubt coming from information provided by Steele in this dossier, which by the way was debunked by then-FBI Director James Comey.

All of this means Hillary, her campaign, and the DNC all broke the law.

Duffy himself made this point.

While talking to former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Duffy stated, “The only evidence that we have had come out publicly in regard to collusion is the fact that Hillary Clinton and the [DNC] colluded through Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele with Russia.”

So, we have to ask, what are you waiting for Mr. Duffy?

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You are a Congressman, are you not? You have the facts sitting in front of you, do you not?

So when are we doing to see Hillary brought to justice?

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