Shepard Smith: ‘The special counsel did not exonerate the president’

It is no secret to viewers of Fox News that midday anchor Shepard Smith is no fan of President Donald Trump. Indeed, Smith makes his utter distaste for the president abundantly clear on a routine basis — and he did so again this week.

On Tuesday, Smith called on “everyone in America” to read Robert Mueller’s report for themselves, because, according to him: “The special counsel did not exonerate the president” — at least, not of obstruction of justice.

Smith cheers for contempt

Smith began his Tuesday talk with a live look at the House floor as a debate was underway about pursuing legal action — namely, contempt charges — to enforce congressional subpoenas issued against Attorney General William Barr and others who have been called to speak about Mueller’s investigation, but failed to appear.

Smith noted that Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, had agreed to hold off for now on pursuing criminal contempt charges against Barr and others, so long as the Department of Justice (DOJ) provided the committee with certain documents and underlying evidence that went into the Mueller report.

“That was part of the deal,” Smith said. “To let the committee look at certain evidence from Robert Mueller’s investigation. If you let them look at the investigation, all of the underlying details of the investigation, then we won’t hold you criminally liable, or in criminal contempt.”

No blank checks

But Smith went on to note that, according to network sources at the Justice Department, Nadler had not been granted a “blank check;” he won’t not be receiving every single piece of information he demanded.

“Nadler said the committee will have access to some of the special counsel’s most important files — and that’s according to Nadler — including evidence of possible corruption of justice,” Smith said.

He added: “Remember, in his 400-plus page report, that everyone in America should read — everyone — Robert Mueller laid out 10 instances of apparent obstruction of justice, criminal obstruction of justice, potentially, by President Trump.”

More allegations

But Smith didn’t just insinuate that the DOJ has something to hide. He went on to maintain that Mueller didn’t exonerate the president — far from it, Smith said.

“The special counsel did not exonerate the president,” Smith said. “He said if they could’ve they would’ve, but they couldn’t so they didn’t. Mueller explained that if he and his team had confidence that the president did not commit obstruction, they would’ve said so.”

He went on to claim that Mueller had asserted that DOJ guidelines prevented him from ever charging the president with a crime and that accountability would have to be achieved through a different constitutional process — namely, impeachment, which House Democrats seem to be moving toward.

Looking forward

There is little question that Shepard Smith absolutely despises President Trump and would like nothing better than to see him impeached or otherwise removed from office, even as he must certainly know that a strong majority of his own network’s viewers feel much differently.

Perhaps it is time for Smith to move on to another network where his anti-Trump views would be more in line with those of the viewers.

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